When things have to move fast

E-cargo bike with rear motor

Reliability that speaks for itself

Casually avoid traffic jams. Take shortcuts that are not possible with the car. Choose alternative routes that save time. Be there faster, deliver faster. Completely free of the everyday blockages of the city. Neodrives is your impetus and tailwind!

Move small transport goods comfortably through the city with the e-cargo bike
E-cargo bike

Results that inspire

Meet customer demands. Offer new solutions with short response times. Build personal and trusting relationships. With neodrives you have found the ideal transport platform in the big city. The way is your additional service!

"I've been doing my job as a bicycle courier for a long time. I enjoy cycling. I keep fit and healthy. Since my employer equipped all cargo bikes with the neodrives drive system I enjoy the assistance very much. The thrust from behind is gigantic. No comparison to other suppliers. The motor and I work together; it's like a special kind of teamwork".

Patrick B. from Berlin, courier rider

neodrives drive system Z20

The neodrives system has three components: a motor, a battery and an LCD. Get to know the individual components of the drive system and their advantages. 

E-bike brands with neodrives

City, trekking or cargo bike. Many bicycle manufacturers install drive systems from neodrives. Here you will find an overview of all brands.

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